Meet the channel mods:



  • Also known as Sophie, Mrs. CHARM3R, MC, and Kate Killer. Moderator of my life.


  • My first viewer, and biggest supporter.


  • Sometimes we team up, and sometimes he blows himself up with a grenade. Works almost as much as I do. Now a proud father.


  • Professional Barber, Semi Professional gamer. Probably better at every game then you are. Verified opinionated Asshole.


  • Justin Larson is a kid from the streets who got his life together after a stint in prison and discovered that he was a huge nerd. Now he has a cat, a fiance`, a career working with under served populations, and dresses up in costume to play his favorite game, Elder Scrolls Legends.Watch him play cards (and dress up) on his YouTube channel here.


  • Pie is a trusty Australian BBQ with a heart of coal. Compulsive helper and professional furniture assembler, you can catch her streams here.


  • A father and nurse. Workaholic, enjoyer of games, and lacker of motivation.