Fun & Interactive Podcast: Episode 35 - We're Back! (Kind of)

Justin and I are almost finished moving, so we wanted to squeeze in a podcast while we had the time. In this episode, we were joined by Sophie who streams Legends on Twitch. You can find her at We briefly discuss the Masters Series, our time casting, the recent balance patch, and more. With so many interesting topics having popped up, it was hard to take a deep dive into any one subject. There were also some technical difficulties for this broadcast, but that's largely due to me still having to get things in order after moving into the new home. As such, you may notice that my microphone was much louder than others. That should be corrected in the future. Finally, I wanted to note that we are taking a break again next week as we will be casting the Masters Series Finals at QuakeCon. We should return to our normal schedule once the series concludes.