I'm going to Bethesda HQ!

Today on Twitter, it was shared that some of the content creators for The Elder Scrolls: Legends were headed to the offices of Bethesda. I'm happy to share that I am one of the people attending. The downside is... that's all I can share. I was already covered by an NDA with Bethesda prior my trip to PAX, but everything at this event is also going to be kept under lock and key until a later date. Those that are attending will get to see the "future of Legends" and meet the other content creators.

As such, my stream schedule will be weird this week and I don't know exactly when I'll be live. I'll do my best to post to Twitter if-and-when I'll be going live. The Fun & Interactive Podcast should be returning this weekend as well, so that's something to look forward to.